Vera Hyatt

Co-Founder, Wildwood Birth Collective

Supporting birthing people and their families is indeed a calling, which for me became even more pronounced with the birth of my niece. Bearing witness to my sister’s courage, determination, strength, and vulnerability during her long and challenging labor and recovery postpartum was a profound experience that changed my perspective on no less than life itself. I naturally fell into the role of doula for my sister and for many birthing people since. It is my great honor to be of service to families in a variety of circumstances and with varying needs, and I find profound purpose and meaning in making the transition into parenthood as smooth as possible by providing physical, emotional, and informational support so that each person can make an individual, informed decision for themselves, their baby, and their families.

I believe that the birth experience matters; the postpartum period matters; integrating a new human into a family system matters. These are major life events that benefit greatly from having a strong support system. I wholeheartedly love this work.

I live with my partner in North Portland, and am a dedicated auntie and godmother. Outside of my work as a doula and videographer, I enjoy meditation and yoga, writing, cooking and baking, creating and promoting art, and being in nature as much as possible! I am a certified yoga instructor, specializing in restorative yoga.