Pathway 2 Certificate Program Curriculum

Birthingway’s Lactation Consultation Program closed in 2019. Please reference this section of the website for historical purposes only.

The Certificate in Lactation Consultation is not accredited by the Midwifery Education Accreditation Council.

Students seeking a Certificate in Lactation Consultation will need to meet the minimum requirements as noted in the Pathway 2 Overview page.

Recommended Course Sequence

For students choosing to take all of their required sections, including Section C (Health Sciences Education), here at Birthingway, a Recommended Course Sequence for the Certificate in Lactation Consultation might look like this.

Birthingway has developed this recommended course sequence in such a way that students begin with foundational and introductory courses, and build towards more complicated material. Much of the later material is, in part, dependent upon the knowledge that is acquired in earlier courses.