Out-of-State Midwives

Please read the following:

The midwives listed on this page are preceptors working with Birthingway student midwives. To work as a preceptor at Birthingway, a midwife must meet certain standards for training and client care. These standards include:

  • Follow the Midwives Model of Care
  • Minimum of 18 months experience beyond training as a primary midwife
  • Minimum of a total of 100 births attended
  • Demonstration of professional development and continuing education

(For a complete list of preceptor requirements, see Appendix F in the Student Handbook and Catalog.)

The midwives presented on this page are independent practitioners. Their listing is not an endorsement by Birthingway. Anyone contacting and engaging the services of the midwives listed below do so voluntarily, and hold harmless Birthingway College of Midwifery for their conduct.

  • Gentle Mama Holistic Midwifery
    Celeste Groenenberg CPM, LDEM, BSM 8000 Werkner Road Chelsea, MI 48118 734-747-0805 gentlemamaholisticmidwifery.com
  • Eastside Birth Center PS
    Christine Thain, LM, CPM 14700 NE 8th Street Suite 115 Bellevue, WA 425-746-5566 eastsidebirthcenter.com