Help & How-To

Searching Databases

Helpful hints on searching in specific databases:

Science Direct

EBSCO Alt HealthWatch


Google Scholar

Creating Citations

At Birthingway we use the American Medical Association (AMA) citation style.  Stop by the library for assistance, or consult one of these helpful guides:

AMA Citation Style guide from George Washington University’s Himmelfarb Health Sciences Library.

AMA Citation Style: A Quick Guide from the University of California at Berkley Libraries.

Tips for Researching

A thoughtful search strategy can save time in the future. Make a list of keywords that have to do with your subject. Be sure to think about other ways to phrase your topic. The specific words you search for matter. If you’re not seeing enough results, or not seeing the right results, you might have better luck searching for related words.

Cornell University’s Library has a useful guide to The Seven Steps of Research.

In Information Literacy we use the CRAAP Test to evaluate information based on Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy, and Purpose. Learn more about the CRAAP Test.

Writing Help

The Writing Center at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has resources on many writing topics. The following are especially useful for Birthingway assignments.