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Are you looking for a midwife to attend your birth? The midwives listed here are current preceptors (midwifery training supervisors)  for Birthingway students. Some work in licensed birth centers, while others only attend homebirths.

To learn more about finding a midwife, read this important information from Citizens for Midwifery. To find a midwife in Oregon, you may also want to visit The Oregon Midwifery Council.

The midwives presented on the following pages are independent practitioners. Their listing is not an endorsement by Birthingway. Anyone contacting and engaging the services of the midwives listed below does so voluntarily, and holds harmless Birthingway College of Midwifery for their conduct.

Birthingway Preceptor Qualifications

To work as a preceptor at Birthingway, a midwife must meet certain standards for training and client care.

Preceptors must have attended a total of at least 100 births. Of these, at least a minimum of 25 births must be out-of-hospital births and 50 births must be as an unsupervised primary midwife.

A CPM, CNM, CM, or State-Licensed Midwife must have completed a minimum of 18 months experience as an unsupervised primary midwife after the end of their training. This can be reduced by up to six months for Birthingway graduates who held Advanced Student Midwife status per policy before graduating.

All other Midwives must have completed a minimum of 36 months experience as an unsupervised primary midwife after the end of training.

Preceptors must be currently certified in Adult and Infant Resuscitation, and in Neonatal Resuscitation.

Oregon Midwives

Out-of-State Midwives