Midwifery Program Overview

Birthingway College will not accept a 2022 cohort into the Midwifery Program and no new applications will be considered. For information about alternative midwifery programs, please see our page on MEAC-Accredited Midwifery Schools.

Please reference this page for historical information only. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Birthingway’s Midwifery Program is designed to train direct-entry midwives in a traditional midwifery model of care, using intellect, senses, intuition and judgment to integrate new medical approaches with age-old, wise woman practices.


Graduates of our Midwifery Program earn a Certificate in Midwifery or a Bachelor of Science in Midwifery.

Our Certificate of Midwifery consists of 144-148 quarter credit hours, including:

  • Midwifery Core coursework
  • Midwifery Supplemental coursework
  • Electives
  • Clinical training credits

Our Bachelor of Science in Midwifery consists of 189-193 quarter credit hours, including all of the above coursework plus 45 quarter credit hours in general education transferred from another institution.

The primary resource for current program requirements is our Student Handbook and Catalog.

Recommended Course Sequence


We provide a recommended course sequence, which serves as a guide toward program completion.

The sequence begins in fall term of each year with foundational and introductory courses, and builds towards more complicated material that is, in part, dependent upon student knowledge acquired in earlier courses.

The Midwifery Program is designed to be completed in three years by attending full-time and registering for all courses in the recommended sequence.

Learn more about the first year. 

Financial Aid

Enrolled Midwifery Program students may be eligible for federal student aid. Contact our Financial Aid Officer to learn more.