Year One

We kick off our new year in the spring term with a Welcoming Reception and New Student Orientation. This is the first opportunity for the cohort (matriculating class) to get to know one another.

The relationship-based and collaborative nature of the cohort learning model is tied closely to our core beliefs. All students in the cohort take core courses together.

Core Courses

Core courses meet on the same day each week for all three years, and include both a theory and a skills component. 

The first year core focuses on normal aspects of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, including normal variations, as well as some basic deviations as they relate to identifying and managing normalcy.

Supplemental and Elective Courses

Sfirst year skillsupplemental courses are scheduled according to the recommended course sequence  while electives are scheduled as demand and opportunity allows.

Not all students within a cohort choose to take supplementals in the recommended sequence;  those who deviate from the recommended course sequence may experience delays in the completion of the program.

Generally, first year supplementals are designed to orient students to college-level learning, and to provide a foundation that will support student progress through the midwifery curriculum.

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