Pathway 2 Degree Curriculum

Birthingway’s Lactation Consultation Program closed in 2019. Please reference this section of the website for historical purposes only.

Birthingway’s Pathway 2 curriculum is based on the IBLCE Pathways.

First Year

Students begin by learning basic breastfeeding knowledge and skills, such as normal breastfeeding physiology, and add more complex situations, such milk production and drug interactions,  to their body of knowledge throughout the first year of the Pathway 2 Lactation Consultation Program.  We recommend that students beginclassroom 2 clinical training in the first year, in order to begin to making connections between theory and practice.

In addition to lactation specific-coursework, our first year curriculum is designed to orient students to college-level learning. For example, our Medical Terminology course helps students gain comfort with what can be an intimidating language required to chart properly and communicate with health professionals. Our Information Literacy course teaches students to properly obtain, use, and evaluate information; which will serve them throughout their education and beyond.

Second Year

The second year of the program builds on the knowledge and skills gained in the first year, and emphasizes more complex breastfeeding situations, such as cleft lip and palate in the infant, and impact of perinatal mood disorders on breastfeeding. The second year provides students with more practice using case studies, including practice with differential diagnosis scenarios. All students are also required to complete a course covering professional standards and practice.

If you would like a detailed outline of courses, download the Recommended Course Sequence for the Degree Program. This is a page from our Student Handbook and Catalog.