Pathway 2 Certificate Program

Birthingway’s Lactation Consultation Program closed in 2019. Please reference this section of the website for historical purposes only.

The Certificate Program was designed to be completed within one academic calendar year. Though it is designed to be completed in a year, some students take longer to complete the program.

Students seeking a Certificate in Lactation Consultation will need to meet the minimum requirements as noted in the Pathway 2 Overview page.

Summary of the Certificate in Lactation:

15 quarter credit hours in Lactation-Specific Courses
18 quarter credit hours in Health Science Courses
10-17 quarter credit hours in Clinical Training Credits
43-47 total quarter credit hours

To graduate with a Birthingway Certificate in Lactation Consultation, you must complete the following graduation requirements:

  • All required coursework.
  • All clinical requirements.
  • Independent learning requirements, including cohort attendance.
  • Documentation of lactation consultation skills, practice, and assessment on college-approved forms.
  • All financial obligations to Birthingway paid in full.