Elizabeth Gritzmacher

Website: www.wildwoodbirthpdx.com
IG: wildwoodbirth
Phone: 971.266.0280

I found my way to the world of birth by seeking meaningful work in the service of others. The first time I was invited to be present for a birth, I knew I had found my calling. Birth is powerful, magical, intense, sacred, and beautiful. Being a doula is about ensuring the best care and support for birthing people and their families during one of the most profound and transformative experiences of our lives. It’s about working collectively to give each baby the best possible start to life.

Being your doula is an honor and a privilege, and it is a joy to work alongside you and your family to help ensure a well-supported, informed, and empowered pregnancy, birth, and postpartum experience. We will work together to prepare you for what to expect when labor begins. We’ll explore your birth preferences, and identify and try to answer any questions you have as they arise. I believe every birthing person deserves a doula: a grounding presence who knows birth and is able to remain an objective support throughout, someone who doesn’t come and go like nurses and doctors, who can help to navigate the unknowns, and whose warm hands know just where to push to help ease the pain. I bring a calming and warm presence to the birth space, and I support my clients in giving birth on their own terms.

I work in a partnership model with Vera Hyatt, which means that when you hire us, you get the benefit of two doulas’ experience, knowledge, and empathetic care. We’ve received the same training through Birthingway and have had the privilege of attending several births together, thus our doula approach, philosophy, and style are very similar. Sometimes we joke that we are like one person because we often finish each other’s sentences, and some people have asked us if we are sisters! We like to think of this similarity as a benefit to you — that no matter which one of us attends your birth, you will receive the same warm hands, the same empathetic ear, and the same excellent quality of care.

Our partnership means that we both attend the initial consultation, two prenatal appointments, and your postpartum follow-up. Whoever is on call when you go into labor will attend your birth, while the other remains available to be called in later if labor is long and fresh energy would be helpful. We absolutely love working together and supporting our clients as a team, and would be elated to work with and support you for your upcoming labor and birth!

When not working with new and growing families, I love to spend time with family, friends, and my wonderful partner, Adam. I love to hike, backpack, cook, travel, read, and watch sunrises over Mt. Hood from my kitchen window. I’m also a professional photographer, focusing on maternity, birth, and newborn sessions.