• Birthingway College of Midwifery is officially desolved as of October 18,2022.

    Because of this, we will no longer be able to issue transcripts.

    To order transcripts, download the Transcript Release Request Form from the State of Oregon HECC School Closures and Transcript Requests Page.

  • These pages and forms are being temporarily maintained for historical reference.
  • Birthingway cannot accept payments in any form.

Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Make sure you are familiar with our current registration policies in the Student Handbook and Catalog.

Before You Register

  • Consult your recommended course sequence to see what you need to take.
  • Talk to your program coordinator to address your program planning questions (enrolled program students).
  • Make sure your financial aid is in order.
  • Make sure your student account balance is at zero.

After You Register

  • Check your email. You should have received a registration confirmation email from our Registrar letting you know your registration was completed. Read this email carefully!
  • Contact us to follow up on your registration if you have not received confirmation from the Registrar or if anything is incorrect.
  • Make changes to your schedule using our Add, Drop/Withdrawal, and Withdraw from all Courses forms, as needed. These can be found under General Registration Forms below.
  • For financial aid purposes, make sure your schedule is set by our Enrollment Confirmation Date. Contact our Financial Aid Officer if you have any questions.

Summer 2022 Registration-Doula Students

All student Labor and Postpartum doulas must complete the Summer 2022 Doula Practicum Informed Choice and Registration Form prior to July 4, 2022.

Spring 2022 Registration-Midwifery Students

Spring 2022 registration closes for Midwifery students on Monday, March 28 at 5:30 PM.

If you are having issues printing these forms,  click the “download” button and open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader.