Student Research Papers

Student research papers may be viewed in the library and many may be viewed online. If you are a Birthingway student and you would like to access the papers in electronic format, contact library staff for the password.

Last Name, First
Title of Paper Subject Term/Date
Acosta, Sally Bartholin’s gland cysts Gynecology Spring 2008
Adams, Katherine A. Cervical manipulation and cervical lacerations: Is helping worth the potential harm? Obstetrics Winter 2014
Anderson, Marina L. The psychological / spirtiual experience of first-time mothers Psychology: Pregnancy and Birth Winter 2008
Arild, Heather Midwives and essential oils Essential Oils Winter 2015
Bailey, Catherine W. Dysphoric milk ejection reflex: exposing, identifying, and differentiating from postpartum depression Breastfeeding: Professional Winter 2013
Beach-Hart, Angela Maya abdominal massage and the effects on birth outcomes Massage Winter 2013
Bendotoff, Nicole Breech presentation and the development of the vestibular system Obstetrics Winter 2013
Bennett, Margaret Getting settled: understanding why women chose to move houses during pregnancy Psychology: Pregnancy and Birth Fall 2015
Blanchette, Yvette Redefining GBS protocol in midwifery practice Midwifery Fall 2007
Boettcher White, Danielle Digital stories and women’s infant feeding choices Birth Stories Fall 2014
Born, Emily Perineal healing: do midwives use honey? Alternative Healing Fall 2018
Boyd, Melissa L. First contact between mother and newborns Bonding Fall 2007
Breer, Cassandra M. Effective counseling of nettle use during the childbearing year in midwifery practice Plant Medicine Fall 2012
Brown, Caley The relationship between community health workers and home birth midwives Midwifery Spring 2019
Brown, Jocelyn GBS and home birth midwives: Attitudes and informed choice Midwifery Spring 2011
Bubas Stevens, Katrina Olive leaf extract: ancient wisdom for modern midwifery Plant Medicine Winter 2014
Buckley, Susan R. Music therapy and lactation Breastfeeding: Professional Spring 2013
Campbell-Martin, Chelsea Pregnancy and birth following abortion: impacts on women and support offered in the midwifery community Pregnancy and Birth: General Spring 2013
Casler, Allison Causative effects of leep and cervical conization on cervical dialation Gynecology Fall 2008
Casley, Amanda Untreated celiac disease and infertility Fertility Winter 2014
Clary, Elizabeth “Because midwifery can consume you if you don’t”:
the importance of maintaining relationships outside midwifery
Midwifery Spring 2014
Collins, Elizabeth Grace Intuition in midwifery practice : a multifacted experience Midwifery Spring 2010
Comperchio, Dana L. Midwives can raise awareness of the value of the placenta Placenta Winter 2015
Coppock, Megan Approaches to assessment and management of second stage labor Obstetrics Fall 2014
Cranfill, Wendy Does the management of the nuchal cord make a difference regarding the birth outcome? Obstetrics Circa. 2002
Crosby, Isabel The myth of fundal measurement Obstetrics Fall 2013
Dean, Victoria Midwives in the community setting: the best choice for teen parents Midwifery Summer 2017
Denneny, Jillian Newborn pulse oximetry for congenital heart defect/CCHD screening: barriers to implementation for homebirth midwives in Oregon Midwifery Spring 2018
Dewar, Kathryn J. Postpartum care and the persistent morbidities of childbirth Postpartum Spring 2016
Dobek, Cassidy Cannabis: an alternative treatment option for hyperemesis gravidarum Plant Medicine Spring 2017
Dolin, Jessica Fetal heart rate: an indication of gender? Obstetrics Spring 2005
Dunn, Ayla H. Prebirth acupuncture and its use in preventing postdates pregnancy Obstetrics Fall 2009
Echeverio, Pamela Urinary incontinence, pelvic floor health and midwifery care Postpartum Fall 2005
Ehrlich, Sarah E. Symptomatic Group B Strep vaginitis: For the love of vulvas, we must do something! Vagina Spring 2016
Elkins, Jennifer J. Placentophagia in contemporary women Alternative Healing Spring 2013
Elliott, Jess Midwives awareness of the effectiveness of Traditional Chinese Medicine of female infterility Chinese Medicine Winter 2011
Evans, Sharon A. Midwifery burnout: extinguishing the flame Midwifery Fall 2014
Felling, Megan “Just Gloves and Gauze”: midwifery tourism and the problem of exchange in Kafoutine, Senegal Midwifery Winter 2013
Flanagan, Alicia L. Laborland: An educational game for teaching experiences of labor Midwifery Spring 2016
Forbes, Heather L. Post-adoption doulas Adoption Spring 2010
Foster, Sahara Midwifery and national health care reform Midwifery Winter 2011
Francis, Brooke Exercise during pregnancy and birth outcomes Pregnancy & Birth Spring 2017
Garcia, Mychael M. Is faster really better?: the effect of precipitous labor on maternal labor and birth experience Labor Spring 2013
Garner, Cristyl Water birth, is it the idealized birth? Waterbirth Spring 2008
Gaylord, Carrie Unassisted childbirth Homebirth Fall 2003
Gleeson-Scott, Molly Spiritual Care in Midwifery: Do We Need a Protocol? Psychology: Pregnancy and Birth Spring 2020
Gonshorowski, Melanya Pelvic floor awareness and minimizing vaginal trauma during childbirth Gynecology Winter 2011
Gordon-Magnus, Melissa Duration of lactational amenorrhea and its contributing factors Breastfeeding Spring 2003
Grider, Brandee Midwifery and massage Massage Spring 2009
Hack, Heather Antepartum bleeding Obstetrics Fall 2005
Hamilton, Jillian Midwifery in Kentucky: Are Biases Creating Barriers to Care? Midwifery Spring 2021
Hawkins, Nora Maternal knowledge of the connection between prenatal nutrition and large for gestational age babies Nutrition: Perinatal Fall 2015
Head, Carli Tamar An ancient art for modern times: rebozo use in United States midwifery Midwifery Spring 2008
Hodge, Cassandra The role of licensed direct entry midwives in therapeutic abortion: past and present Midwifery Winter 2013
Holloway, Kate Herbal birth control Plant Medicine Spring 2002
Holmes, Cortney The key to increased rates of VBAC C-Sec/VBAC Spring 2013
Howe, Kate Women of size during the childbearing year: How can midwives best serve them? Midwifery Spring 2005
Jacobs, Shira Is blue cohosh truly a safe and effective remedy? Plant Medicine Spring 2004
Jansen, Maura M. Consequences of cesarean section birth on out-of-hospital mothers C-Sec/VBAC Spring 2012
Jech, Joy The impact of vaginal exams on the length of labor Obstetrics Spring 2007
Johnson, Jessica Intergenerational Breastfeeding: Passing on Experiences of Emotional Success Breastfeeding Spring 2021
Kenealey, Shauna Womb ecology: the importance of purifying the modern uterine environment Pregnancy: Fetal Environment Fall 2007
Kersey, Celeste The effects of sexual abuse on primaparas in the homebirth setting Psych:Pregnancy & Birth Winter 2001
Kincade, Kimberly L. Umbilical cord care Obstetrics Spring 2007
Kirschner, Tzipora P. The lunar fertility cycle: a useful tool for midwives Fertility Winter 2012
Kitt, Danielle Cryptic pregnancy: a new appraisal of the phenomenon of “pregnancy denial” Obstetrics Spring 2011
Koelwyn, Katrina The kegel: is it sufficient to cure stress urinary incontinence? Gynecology Spring 2019
Koenig, Suzanne E. Spiritual support: an essential scope of holistic midwifery Psychology: Pregnancy and Birth Spring 2014
Kolberg, Tara R. Ankyloglossia (tongue-tie): growing popular diagnosis or growing prevalence? Breastfeeding: Professional Winter 2014
Lang, Desiree A. Twisted sister: using nipple stimulation to empower the laboring woman Obstetrics Winter 2015
Laskin, Beth A. Evaluating midwives opinions on the safety and efficacy of a vegan diet during pregnancy Nutrition: Perinatal Winter 2012
Le, Kim Postdates pregnancy: unnecessary stress and intervention Obstetrics Winter 2014
Lefcovitch, Jaime Ayurveda and the perinatal year Alternative Healing Winter 2019
Lescantz, Colette How can homebirth midwives best resuscitate compromised newborns? Skills Fall 2003
Lilly, Allegra D.A. Supporting women with infant feeding options through anticipatory guidance in the preinatal period Breastfeeding Spring 2016
Loehrke, Bethany Building Resilience as a Form of Self-Care: A way to prevent burnout in Midwifery Midwifery Spring 2019
Loperena, Rosemary Hysterecomy: a public health concern in the U.S. and U.S. Territory Gynecology Spring 2018
Lygren, Angela D. Placentophagia on postpartum recovery Placentophagia Spring 2016
Lynch, Jacqueline A. International service learning in midwifery education Midwifery Fall 2013
Lynch, Serena The importance of self-care for midwives Midwifery Fall 2014
Marsico, Kyra Indigenous Medicinal Plants Used in Midwifery Care Plant Medicine Spring 2019
McGraw, Rachael Due date calculation: a comparison of three methods Obstetrics Fall 2003
McIntosh, Kelli Grief in the perinatal period Psych: Loss & Grief Winter 2004
MacIntyre, Jordanna E. The necessity for vitamin D education for midwives Midwifery Spring 2016
Mairs, Jessica Perineal tearing: risk factors, protective factors, and measures taken to maintain perineal integrity Obstetrics Winter 2006
Marotta-Jaenecke, Jasmine A. Mystical realities: the creation of a modern fertility site Alternative Healing Spring 2012
Merritt, Alyssa Midwife life / mom life: what is it really like? The experience of midwifery students who have children and how it impacts their success Midwifery Fall 2018
Miller, Lorell S. Trend in pregnancy length for individual women over three or more pregnancies Obstetrics Spring 2009
Mitchell, Sonya Group B Streptococcus Peds: Sick/Premature Spring 2003
Montero, Araya Increasing Client Adherence to Midwifery Recommendations of Herbal Remedies Midwifery Spring 2018
Moon, Jules Mothers’ milk: two-parent co-nursing in queer families Breastfeeding: Professional Winter 2012
Moray, Susan The breech presenting fetus: medical and midwifery approaches Obstetrics Fall 1995
Muth, Kori L. There are differences in management of threatened preterm labor between types of healthcare practitioners Obstetrics Fall 2005
Nelson, Kate Misoprostal at home: do midwives really use it? Pharmacology Circa. 2001
Nerenberg, Mirra Leah Perineal trauma and blood loss outcomes on birth stools Obstetrics Spring 2009
Oller, Jamie Queer competency in reproductive healthcare Gynecology Spring 2017
Olson, Kristine Effects of the midwifery model of care on maternal mental health during the postpartum period Postpartum Spring 2003
Orr, Silvie A. Correlation of fear and labor length in pariparous women Psychology: Pregnancy and Birth Spring 2015
Parker, Capri Comprehensive Sexual Education Among Adolescents Sexuality Winter 2020
Parks, Kristina A. Dreamwork in the Perinatal Cycle: Providing Whole Person Holistic Care Psychology: Pregnancy and Birth Spring 2018
Perron-Mednick, Laurie Appreciating the tree of life: mothers’ attitudes about their placentas Placenta Fall 2007
Pfeil, Aerlyn S. The loss of traditional practices in M’Boro Senegal Medical Anthropology: General Winter 2008
Probst, Nicole J. Precipitous birth Obstetrics Spring 2015
Rood, M. E. Sage Working with self-identified sexual assault survivors in pregnancy Psychology: Pregnancy and Birth Winter 2016
Sanders, Jennifer Newborn vitamin K prophylaxis and incidence of jaundice Pediatrics: Neonatology Fall 2010
Sanderson, Katherine B. Investigating the Donovan Theory Pediatrics: Neonatology Winter 2011
Sapoznikow, Iara Informed choice and the experience of direct-entry midwifery students in gynecological skills classes with peer physical examination Midwifery Fall 2012
Schroeder, Elizabeth Birth stories, perception of risk, and effects on choices in childhood Birth Stories Spring 2012
Schulten, Micaela A. Consciousness transformation through biodynamic birth Psychology: Pregnancy and Birth Spring 2011
Selmanson, Calina B. Menstrual synchrony among midwifery cohorts Women’s Health Winter 2014
Sherman, Stephanie Premature pushing urges and cervical injury: can women trust their bodies? Obstetrics Winter 2009
Slade, L. Rachel Assessment of the high tone pelvic floor in midwifery care and complications in childbirth Obstetrics Spring 2016
Slaughterbeck, Dana Midwives Supporting Nursing Parents: Breastfeeding After Breast Reduction Surgery Breastfeeding Spring 2020
Smith, Betsy Prenatal yoga and fetal positioning Obstetrics Fall 2006
Smith, Emilia M. Embodied knowledge: body image and the choice to breastfeed Breastfeeding Winter 2012
Stevenson, Emily S. Informed consent for risk factors of spontaneous preterm labor Obstetrics Winter 2016
Stolman, Whitney L. Waterbirth and perineal tears: how long is long enough? Waterbirth Winter 2013
Stum, Lauren Antepartum care for twin pregnancies and Oregon licensed direct entry midwives Multiples Fall 2013
Tilley, Lynette The current VBAC-backlash and the role of midwives CSec/VBAC Spring 2006
Toland, Briana Optimal birth environment and timely placental delivery Obstetrics Spring 2007
Truby, Angela Fetal/newborn consciousness and the mystery of ensoulment: how beliefs impact homebirth midwives’ care of babies during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum Psych: Pregnancy and Birth Spring 2008
Walker, Brittany Labor Induction: Sweeping Membranes in a Community Birth Setting Midwifery Fall 2019
Warnock, Jennifer M. Correct assessment of pelvic floor tone: a necessary component of individualized care Midwifery Winter 2008
Watson, Ondra R. How an understanding of the unassisted childbirth movement can help enhance the practice of holistic midwifery care Midwifery Winter 2007
Wickizer, Nancy Afterpains Postpartum Winter 2006
Wilkins, Erin Direct-entry midwifery, out-of-hosptial birth and the reproductive rights agenda Midwifery Fall 2007
Wiseman, Melissa Supporting healthy stress management in student midwives Midwifery Spring 2015
Wolfe, Whitney Exploring the 4 C’s of induced lactation resources Breastfeeding Spring 2019
Wong, Debbie Effect of macrosomia on incidences of perineal and newborn trauma Obstetrics Fall 2008
Wood, Monica The moon’s effects on labor Obstetrics Fall 2008
Wright, Susannah Hands on management of second stage Obstetrics Spring 2013
Yocom, Erin Pitocin inhibits bonding Bonding Winter 2015
Za, Divya L. The safety of prenatal vitamins Nutrition: Pregnancy Winter 2014
Zapp-Garcia, Jacqueline Initial micturition in the immediate postpartum period Postpartum Winter 2004
Zarosinski, Charli Mental health care for midwives: support from within their own midwifery community Midwifery Winter 2016