How to Apply to the Labor Doula Program

We are in the process of winding down our Labor Doula program and are focused exclusively on supporting currently enrolled students who are working toward certification. We no longer offer an initial training workshop for admission into this program. Please contact us with any questions.

To complete Birthingway’s Labor Doula Certificate Program, you must complete the following requirements:

  • Attend and successfully complete Birthingway’s workshop “The Labor Doula: Assisting Women with Birth.”
  • Submit an application to the Labor Doula Program
  • Enroll in the Labor Doula Program
  • Register each term to maintain enrollment status
  • Complete the Labor Doula Practicum program
  • Submit all required forms and documentation
  • Provide payment for all required program costs

Labor Doula ProgramĀ Fees

Labor Doula Workshop Fee* $525.00
Application Fee $25.00
Enrollment Fee $75.00
Registration Fee $75.00 per term
Certification Fee $50.00
Re-certification FeeĀ $50.00

*Students are also required to purchase a course-pack. Please see registration materials for current course-pack fees.