Is midwifery right for me?

Aspiring midwives need to have a passion for natural birth and working directly with women. You need to possess good interpersonal and counseling skills, as well as be confident and nurturing when working with a woman and her family. Midwives invest their hearts and energy into their vocation, and are committed to an on-call lifestyle. You are expected to maintain a high ethical standard and must also have the ability to think critically and respond quickly in situations that need immediate action. If any of these qualities sound like you, then you may want to consider a career as a direct-entry midwife.

Hungry for more information?

The decision to become a midwife is ultimately a personal one. Birthingway’s Midwifery Program admission process is intended, in part, to help you consider the various pathways for working with women and families during the childbearing year, the options for professional practice in different settings, and the different educational pathways to those professions.