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Congratulations! As you prepare for labor and the birth process, you may be considering taking a childbirth education class. We encourage you to learn more about taking a Biodynamic Childbirth Education class from a Birthingway Childbirth Educator graduate.

What is a biodynamic childbirth education class like?

Biodynamic childbirth education is based on a belief in informed choice. If you are provided the information you need to make informed choices about your care before labor and birth, then you can better allow yourself the freedom to move into your instinctual birthing body, and out of the rational thinking brain, during labor and birth.

You will learn about the known physiological aspects of birth during a biodynamic childbirth education class, including the hormonal pathways that can help or hinder the birth process.  Biodynamic Childbirth Educators help you develop tools to increase beneficial and necessary hormones, such “the love hormone” oxytocin, and decrease interfering hormones, like adrenaline.

Many of the tools involve physical ways to create safety and security, like keeping the birth space warm and dark, and as unrestrictive as possible.

Other tools are cultural. For example, in some cultures having men at a birth would hinder the woman’s ability to birth instinctively. In other cultures, not having the father of the baby present could make the environment feel unsafe for the woman.

Our educators will ask you to dig into your own birth preconceptions, fears, and hopes to help you create the best birth possible for your family.

Most Biodynamic Childbirth Education classes also include an exploration of tools that you can use prenatally and during the postpartum period to smooth your transition into your newest parenting life (with your first, second, or even sixth baby).

Biodynamic Childbirth Educators are encouraged to pay close attention to current research and to practice evidence-based care. Research does not always support current obstetric technologies, and Biodynamic Childbirth Educators will encourage you to ask provocative questions and get answers. We recognize that most women are birthing in the hospital, which may limit the mother’s birth options, but through education and evidence-based care, we hope to open up your possibilities.

How are Birthingway Childbirth Educators trained?

Birthingway’s Childbirth Educator Program includes a workshop, with independent follow-up work, and a practicum, in which our students teach a series of classes from their own syllabus.

The workshop provides our students with a firm foundation in biodynamic birth principles and tools for facilitating adult education. Our Childbirth Educators are trained to be a resource to whom families can turn for direction and support, not as an expert to whom families turn for advice.

Throughout this workshop, our students:

  • complete a significant amount of reading and personal evaluation of materials about birth.
  • develop childbirth education “tools of the trade” such as videos and charts.
  • compile tools they can suggest for birthing families, such as relaxation techniques, pain management, birth art, and movement.
  • practice critical evaluation of common birth interventions.

After the workshop, our students complete additional homework in which they develop community resource binders and their own syllabus.

They then teach from their own syllabus with the support of a Birthingway childbirth education mentor.

How much do Biodynamic Childbirth Education classes cost?

Birthingway childbirth educators are self-employed and set their own class rates.

Certified childbirth educators generally charge $100 – $250, depending upon their experience, the class length, complimentary services offered (such as belly-casting or mama spa days), and the cost of their supplies.

How would I choose a childbirth educator?

Interview several educators working from different models of education, such as Birthing From Within, the Bradley Method, Hypnobirthing, or International Childbirth Education Association.

If you are interested in a Biodynamic Childbirth Education Class, read through profiles of Birthingway certified childbirth educators.

It is important that you feel comfortable with the philosophy and personality of the educator you choose.

Additionally, consider whether the dates and times of the various classes fit your schedule and if the costs fit your budget.

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